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   Jubilee Center for
   Excellence in Education
  Educational Initiatives Unit

            STEM training
     program for the blind as a
     part of the STEM initiative

 At the Abdullah Ibn Om Maktoom School for
               the Visually Impaired

  The Center, in cooperation with the USAID, has launched an educational STEM program at the aforesaid School, a first
  of its kind in the region.
   The program employs non conventional methods in teaching STEM subjects in order to spark students’ interest in these
  subjects to cultivate creativity and imagination.
  The center had proposed the idea of establishing a STEM lab for the visually impaired to the USAID in order to provide
  the visually impaired with the knowledge and experience needed to learn STEM subjects.
  The following parts of the initiative have taken place:
  - training of a group teachers
  - Curricula have been written using Braille language
  - a number of students have been trained
  - a STEM lab for the visually impaired has been founded
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