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  Jubilee Center for
  Excellence in Education
  STEM Unit

 Ball Collector Competition


 STEM center Irbid held a ball collection competition in Jadara University. 17 teams from public and private schools par-
 ticipated in the event. The event galvanized the students’ creativity and they and has also enabled them to use STEM
 skills in a friendly competition. The teams were trained by the STEM center in Irbid. The Third Primary School for Girls –
 Irbid won the first prize. The plan is to prepare teams for national and international competitions.
 The competitions was designed in 2011 by the Arab Robotics Society and it requires students to design and program a
 robot to do several ball collecting tasks. The competition was held in a number of Arab countries such as: Jordan, Leba-
 non, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and many others.
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