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   Jubilee Center for
   Excellence in Education
  STEM Unit

 The Seventh Annual Competition
 for Design and Technology in Schools

 ”F1 in Schools“

  The F1 in Schools is a STEM challenge for school students aged 14 to 18. It focuses on designing car prototypes and the
  production thereof using the CAD and CAM programs and using CNC and 3D Printers equipment. The center ensures
  that the competition takes place and runs in accordance with international standards. The center has run the competition
  for seven consecutive years. 18 teams from around Jordan have participated, both public and private schools. The Seeleh
  Secondary school for girls won this year’s competition. This year competition has also included a 4X4 remotely controlled
  cars challenge. The challenge was done according to specific rules and regulations. This was the first time this challenge
  was organized. 9 teams participated in the competition and the King Abdullah School for Excellence – Zarqa won the
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