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  Jubilee Center for
  Excellence in Education
  STEM Unit

     The 12th National
  Robotics Competition


  The jubilee center for Excellence held the 12th annual robotics competition this year. 60 teams from 33 educational
  institutions in Jordan participated and the competition was held over a 2 day period. The 2017 competition included
  the following competitions: International First Lego with the (Animals and Humans) theme, the Somo and Ball Collec-
  tion competitions. At the end of the event, trophies were handed to the winners. The center has been holding these
  competitions for 12 years. The Jubilee School team won the national competition this year. The center supervises the
  Robotics competitions in 8 Arab countries and holds training and accreditation of certified trainers. The competition
  aims to cultivate 9-18 year old students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by engaging them
  in challenges which are suitable for their needs in the hope of equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate the
  challenges of our times
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